{Friday’s Kitchen}

I love French dishes and in particular vegetable dishes. This is the perfect season to prepare a good Ratatouille , a provencal dish from Nice a city that I adore.

Easy to prepare, it’s usually served as a side dish but it can be also served with pasta or rice. I like it with cous cous and chicken!

Add all the vegetables you like, extra virgin oil some spices, pepper and salt and… Tadà…

I’d love to have a lunch with all of you… Just think about it! Wouldn’t be nice to stay toghether for few hours, good food, great cold wine and lots of chats?

Thanks girls for your visit!

  • Bells said:

    Oh that would be so nice! If only...
    I like ratatouille with a baked sweet potato but I always put chilli or peperoncino in for a bit of a kick.
    Beautiful photos as always Gaia!

  • PAOLA said:

    Mmmm che bontà!
    complimenti belle foto!!
    buon week-end anche a te!!

  • Bonjour Gaia,
    What a great plan - what time shall we arrive? I love ratatouille. Your photos are so well done!!
    Bon weekend,