{Guest Post: Dionne}

Good Morning my dear friends!
I’m back with my weekly “Guest Post”and guess who’s my next guest?
The talented, sweetheart Dionne from City of Dionne. I know it’s not  a “new face” to you but for the few, Dionne is an illustrator, a photographer, a wedding and events organizator, a good cook, a fantastic “lady of the house” that organize amazing tea party and lunch with all her friends, she study every single details to transform a simple lunch in an unforgettable event! 
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Now take your time to enjoy her post!
Hello, my name is Dionne, and I blog over at City Of Dionne.  I have been a long-time fan of Gaia and her lovely blog, so I was excited when she asked me to Guest Post for her.  Gaia is always so sweet to all her readers in blogland, and I wanted my Guest Post to be a letter about what I love about her and her darling bloglet.  Along with my letter are some photographs I took and an illustration that I drew that I hope you enjoy.  So without further adieu, here is an Open Letter to Gaia (and I am sure that you all will agree with my following sentiments).

Dear Gaia,
I really enjoy reading your blog, and falling in love with all the images you post, and words that you write.  Each post seems to be so meticulously crafted for your readers’ enjoyment, and I so appreciate all the time, thought and effort that you put into making your blog a lovely place on the web.

Your blog makes me think of friends and romance, parties and cupcakes, flowers and bike-rides… it really makes me daydream about all of my favorite things.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for making your blog one of my favorite spots to sit down and relax to with a glass of iced tea.
Much love,
Your friend – Dionne  xxxooo

(Dionne’s Pics)
Thank you Dionne, you surprised me! I’m so happy now!
Your words touched my heart and my soul!
who’ll be the next Guest?

I need you to read this amazing post.
I’ve met Irene and Paolo and their beautiful Beatrice.
I don’t know if I deserve their words… I know that they made my day ! They are a very sweet couple. Gentle, romantic, pure and so kind!

Thank you for your words…I can’t wait to meet you again!