{Men’s Fashion – Pitti SS’11 }

Hellooo! . I’m in Florence for Pitti Men’s Fashion Show. Actually tomorrow it will be the last day! It started tuesday.
This is my 4th experience at Pitti. My oldest brother Simone  has his own men’s fashion collection “Laroom” and I help him during the shows.

 Simone (my brother) and Renata (his model girlfriend) … They are quite the perfection toghether!
(I’ve another brother Jonatha and he’s a photograoher…I’ll talke later about him)

Pitti Men’s fashion show is dedicated to the new season collection for men and it’s the most important show for men!
The show it’a fantastic but stressful and tiring experience. But it’s always very funny too. We enjoy it! From 9.00 am till 6.00 pm you talk and talk and talk with a lot of people that come from all over the world. You have meetings with your agent and you try to contact new clients!

The better thing it’s to sit outside the stand looking at the people…

you see models, normal people,

  beautiful and elegants men .

Lots and lots of details and you know that I have a thing for them…They define a style…

La belle Garance,
and of course Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist (Garance’s boyfriend)
…before you go give me a kiss and say you love me…” Scott to Garance in front of me …I swear!

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I hope to show you more pics on the next days…