{Une ville, un amour – Part 1}

Have you ever been to Nice or to the South of France?
Well it’s something you can’t describe with words because it won’t be never enough!
What the French have, as a friend of mine told me today, it’s that they are able to increase the value of what they have.

Even a simple chair, or a bar … They call them “Brasserie” and everything has another “flavour”…

What we , Italian, don’t have anymore is that. We know that we have beautiful places, amazing monuments, unforgettable food and wine but we don’t do nothing to emphasize that.
We take our beauty for granted, and that’s wrong!
Completely wrong!
Here is a tour by pics of Nice…
a place that I can call Home!

You better be careful walking on those little street…
Beautiful old terraces, sweet pale colors on the walls, big decorated windows, ornaments and decors
everywhere will make you walk turned-up nose …

As all the place in the south , the vegetation is fantastic…
It’s easy to find orange and lemon tree, bouganvilles that with their colors and scent embellish
even the worst place…

Maybe when you are on holidays you see everything beautiful, but to be objective …
everything is beautiful!

The sun, the sea scent, the colors, the bright sky have a big influence on me so you can think I’m exagerated , but the pics talk for themselves!

Beautiful and uncommon shops have enchanted gardens.

I’m fascinated from French women, at whatever age they have that allure …





Ah les belles filles !!!

Les français have an uncommon and naturale style and elegance.
Now I know why… they have amzing shops!


… more has to come….
Have a terrific week!
Hot and sunny!
Finally Summer arrived!