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I’ve already told you about some of my favs stores in Bologna (here), this time I want to show you a different store.

I’ve found that workshop already few months ago because it’s just next door to my favorite Indian Restaurant and to Emanuela’s shop, but I’ve never had the chance to get inside. 
I was fascinated from what I saw from the windows. Old frames, wooden chandeliers, antique crowns…

Then when I’ve organised the housewarming , Federica gave me a fantastic poster for my home. Now I could enter that door and  ask for my frame!

Actually, at the begin I wanted an old one, a gold and antique that I saw by the windows but it was too expensive.

The workshop at the inside it’s a totally mess. Wood and sawdust everywhere and a costant smell of the glue and of the paints. 
The lady that own the shop, told me that she wants to sell the shop because she’s tired, because of the economic crise and because of the shop it’s not in one of the popular street, the job has decreased a lot!
I’m so sad when I hear such things. A lot of antique stores closed and will close to make room for famous commercial chains and all of those cute shops will disappear. 
I think that a city like Bologna, with the oldest University in the world, should do something to help those workshops to surive. They are the strenght of a city. They are what makes the difference. 

Inside I’ve found so many beautiful things that you can’t find anywhere else. This is one of the place where I’d love to take my friends that come to visit me.

The lady helped me found the perfect frame for my poster…
Here it is! It’s just perfect for my living room. The color, the frame the quote…
Thanks Fede!!!

(photos by me)

Adriana Biondi
Nuova Bottega del Luzzo
Vicolo dell’Inferno

Girls I can’t wait for tomorrow…

I will meet some new friends and I will hug some old ones!
We will have a great Saturday…

What a better way to end July …Food, friends, lots of chats, many pics, kids…

Monday I will tell you ( we all will tell you) about it  and I will show you my pics!!!