{Heaven … }

I’m in heaven
And my heart beats
So that I can hardly speak
And I seem to find
The happiness I seek
When we’re out together …
 (F. Sinatra)
Good morning ladies, 
what a weekend!
Saturday I spent the entire day with some of the most fantastic girls I’ve ever met: Alessandra, Federica, Irene, Laura, Lelia, Mara, Micaela, Sarah
A months ago we decided to organize a Bloggers Reunion to meet some of our blogger friends and
Irene gave us the opportunity to stay at Valdirose, her amazing B&B. I’ve already told you about Irene and her family(here & here), and how fantastic they are. Paolo her husband and her sweet princess Beatrice. 
We left Saturday early in the morning ‘cause we were afraid of the Summer traffic jam. I was really excited to meet them (actually some of them: Federica and Micaela are my old friends since long time, Irene is my last friend and Laura & Lelia are my “wanna be” new friends) for the first time, happy to give a face to a blog but afraid because the expectations were so hig… The girls didn’t disappoint me at all. They are even better of what I thought…
Irene, perfect lady of the house
It has been one of the best Saturday ever. An enchanted place,  9 talented, amazing, simple girls talking and laughing as they know each other from time,  great food and wine (as always when you visit Irene&Paolo !), 3 little girls barefooth screaming and playing all day long, 8 cameras to immortalize every single moment and details , 2 nice husbands…
This is what the video is all about.
Thank you girls, 
Alessandra, Federica, Laura, Lelia, Maura, Micaela, Sarah I’d love to hug you and kiss you again and again…
You’ve made my day!