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…where everything started!
This summer we’ve decided to visit France. In the last past summers, we’ve always flew to USA because we are in love with that amazing country, but this time we’ve chosen Europe instead. 
We left the 10th of August. Flew to Paris where we had the coincidence for Rennes.
As soon as we arrived it started raining and it continued for the entire holiday with a few Sunny days of break. 
We were prepared. We’ve packed the right clothes for that kind of weather, but I didn’t renounce to bring a swimsuit…You never know! 
Rennes, the capital of the Brittany, it’s a very quite nice city in the nord-west of France. Just few kms to the coast and to the main turistique attractions as Dinard, St. Malo and Mont Saint Michel…That we’ve visited. They are very “commercial” but once you are there you can’t miss them!
We started the day with a full breakfast. You need lots of energy to walk through the city and so we had coffe, orange juice, bread, butter and jam and lots of Viennoiserie (little pastry)…

I adore hotel’s breakfast!!!

The city was pretty empty, the majority of the stores were closed (because of Summer) and the rest of the  stores close at 6.00 pm!  That means not too much shopping!!!
In the main square they created a kind of beach (no sand!) where to stay and relax with friends listening music, reading books, having an aperitif, drink a beer… We sat there when it wasn’t raining!
The city has celtic influence, with little streets and cobblestone. Nice and calm it’s very fascinating. It’s more a big village than a city.
You better be careful to watch your step when you walk. You’ll find yourself looking up to the sky!
You’ll be capturated by beautiful signs (all the store have it) and the roofs with those cute little windows, the dormer windows.

and the beautiful monuments!

See the difference? The sun bring the best from everything!!!!!!
The sun…most of the time, the weather wasn’t good but as soon as the first ray of light come out, everybody find a place on a table on a chair and enjoy the sun and the hot!

In the very narrow street, that kept their medieval origin, you see the characteristic timber-framed houses.

Flowers and plants everywhere, houses covered with ivy 

Beautiful gardens

(Abbaye St. Georges)

Enchanted hidden palaces…

This is my Rennes, a beautiful old city the one you dream of thinking to France.

I think that for now it’s enough!
I don’t wanna bother you and be boring with my trip!

I still have so many things to show you…

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  • fabrizia said:

    GRAZIE!!!ero indecisa se includerla o meno nel mio giro...ma dalle immagini da sogno già sono li!!!buona giornata

  • oh que c'est joli! and please do 'bother' us more with your holiday pics and impressions!

  • Lana said:

    Gaia your photos are stunning!! Thanks for sharing all the little details!

  • Good job girl :) Gorgeous pictures of a wonderful city! I can't wait to see more and more!

  • Uh che meraviglia!
    Ti dirò, il tempo poco estivo da alle foto un certo non so che di nostalgico molto molto interessante!

  • Lovely pictures.I ´ll note Bretagne in my holiday´s list, definitely!
    You are sooo talented!Hve a nice week!

  • wow!le tue foto sono una meraviglia come sempre!e che posti da sogno!

  • Anonimo said:

    Ero indecisa se dirtelo perché trovo divertente quando racconti che dovete a qualcuno un orso, che qui o là hai bevuto un orso ecc.ecc. ... ma in inglese birra si dice beer.

  • Zane said:

    Oh, your pictures are incredibly AMAZING!!! :) and no worries - we won't get bored :)

  • Marvelous images Gaia! Looks like you had a great time. Looking forward to the next installment!
    Good week,

  • Hello Gaia ...what a beautiful pictures ......of Rennes...beautiful.....you have had a nice holliday we all can see..can't wait to see more......wishing you a haapy week....love Ria

  • Gaia said:

    Sorry I've made a mistake... Beer not bear...drinking a bear could be really dangerous!!!!
    Thanks Anonimo!

  • Kris said:

    What a lovely place! Congrats on the sponsor too! How do I get one of those? lol

  • Laura said:

    Ciao Gaia! Posto meraviglioso....e chissà che non sia una delle mie prossime mete! Non lo conoscevo,ma mi sembra stupendo!!!! Certo, le tue foto sono nr.1.....
    [email protected]

  • Zaira said:

    Brava Gaia, le tue foto mi hanno fatto fare il giro di questa città che non ho visitato. Stupenda... non vedo l'ora di vedere gli altri posti in cui siete stati e farmi prendere da della sana nostalgia post-Francia....

    Ps. anch'io adoro quelle colazioni, vorrei che qualcuno me le preparasse anche a casa!!!

    Bacio xx

  • You are such an amazing photographer Gaia! I could stare at your beautiful photos all day. Many images brought me back to the time in 1977/78 that I attended school in Switzerland and visited France on several occasions. I'm looking forward to lots more posts from your holiday.

  • Fabulous photographs! So so pretty! I'm dying to go back to France. But one trip at a time :P I'm just heading back home from Madrid. And next year (I'm so excited): TUSCANY!! :D

  • Rita said:

    Foto meravigliose! Guardandole sembrava di essere lì con te
    Sei proprio brava :)

    Ri Benny

    ps. le colazioni degli hotel sono tentazioni pericolosissime :))

  • Such lovely pictures Wish I could be there!!!!! enjoy!