{Waiting for a wedding – Part 2 }

Finally the day has arrived!
Months ago I’ve told you about the preparatives of my best friend’s wedding.
The wedding is near Rome on Sunday and tomorrow, after the hairdresser, we will leave ‘cause I’ve promised to my friend to stay with her for the last things to do and for a short bachelorette party.
I still have to prepare lots of things and props because if we have time, Saturday afternoon I’ve promised to her to shoot some pics!
I really wish to do it!
The last pictures as a “single” lady!
I’ve made 120 Lavender place holders and tomorrow I have to buy some props to bring at the wedding!
I’ve made a surprise but I cannot show it to you… she reads the blog!
I’m excited, agitated and nervous …
I’m her witness, when she asked me I didn’t realized it could be so stressful ( in a positive way!)
can you imagine how stressed is the bride!?
I want for her and her future husband only the best and an unforgettable day…
They deserve it! 
They are kind, 
they are happy,
they are sweet, 
they are friendly and generous…
I hope she will love the place holders. They are made with all the love I have for her. Lately we talked a lot and we’ve planned a weekend away just the two of us to celebrate her wedding!
I have to thank my fantastic mom! She helped me with the sewing machine!
Whatever is your request I can help you with your wedding or whatever you want to celebrate!
Need props? Need place holder? decoration?
Just write me!
Thanks for your welcome home!
I still have to show so many things…
See you next week!
  • che bello il lavoro completato... ed il ricamo? bellissimo!!! Complimenti ... come sempre, del resto!

  • Lynda said:

    WOW!!!!! you did a GREAT job!!! But sweetheart, relaxxxx....and enjoy it!!!;).....

    Have a fairytale weekend!!


  • Buongiorno Gaia, ottime idee le tue, in bocca al lupo e divertiti questo finde settimana.Dalle foto che hai scattato sono sicura che tutti rimarranno a bocca aperta! Un bacio e buon fine settimana!

  • Eri said:

    Ciao Gaia e bentornata! che meravigliose immagini, sembra quasi di sentirne il profumo! un bellissimo lavoro, sarà stupendo... ti auguro un fantastico week-end ricco di gioia! a presto, baci.

  • bravissima Gaia!i place holders sono adorabili!e poi io amo il profumo della lavanda!

  • JANE said:

    Oh, Gaia! Your photos are divine. And what a lovely friend you are, to make them with so much love. She is blessed to be your friend. Enjoy the wedding! Jane x @

  • Zaira said:

    Ogni giorno scopro sempre qualcosa che ti rende unica e speciale!! Complimenti per il lavoro, si vede il grande amore in ogni dettaglio, la tua amica è fortunata!!!

    Buon weekend,
    Zaira xx

  • You are doing to much !! i think....i am a little bit worried of you Gaia......great things !! you did !!! love your lavendel.....have a great weekend enjoy and take it easy and relax some times......love Ria....

  • Rita said:

    Mah sei brava anche a cucire... O__O

    questa ragazza ha infinite risorse :)

    Complimenti davvero bellissimi, goditi il matrimonio e aspettiamo altre numerosissime foto

    Ri Benny

  • fabrizia said:

    fortunata ad avere un'amica come te!buon matrimonio...

  • Gorgeous! I am sure it will be a marvelous wedding! Great work!

  • What a sweet, lovely and busy friend you are. Have a wonderful time celebrating . . . and then enjoy a good rest.


  • did you embroider the names by hand? What a wonderful loving gift - they look beautiful, people will treasure them!

  • Mara said:

    Ma che bello Gaia!!! I sacchetti, il ricamo, i dettagli...mi piace tutto!!!!!
    Buon matrimonio!