{Fla&Dodo – part 1}

“From the moment I wake up
Before I put on my makeup
I say a little prayer for you..
While combing my hair now
And wond’ring what dress to wear now
I say a little prayer for you…
Here we are…
A very emotional and touching day. I think I was more nervous than her, even if she cried but she’s the bride  and she’s supposed to cry! I’m the witness, I’m supposed to be strong and concentrated…


I woke up early to stay with my friend while the hairdresser and the make up artist cuddle her..

Then I went to the Abbey to control that everything was perfect and that the groom didn’t change his mind!

Actually Dodo was there almost 2 hours before the wedding!
Nervous? Nooooo….

15 years toghether, can you believe it?


Then she arrived…
Her dad was waiting for her…

She took the flowers, grab her dad’s arm and walk through the small path to arrive inside the church.

She was radiant and happy…

Kids waited for Fla&Dodo outside the church, ready to celebrate them with bubbles soap and rice…

Simple table sets, white hydrangeas and lavander on every tables.
Like her bouquets, the buttonholes for her dad, for the groom, for the groom’s witnesses and my “bracelet”.
She gave me a bracelets made with hydrangea and lavender… Unfortunately at the end of the day just few petals were left!

They decided to celebrate their wedding outside Rome, in a very fascinating Abbey.

The little church, the paths, the Roman ruins, a garden, a big room for the party…

She did everything by herself and everything was amazing.
It wasn’t one of those boring wedding. At the end she danced brefoot on the grass, Dodo all sweat didn’t stop to dance.
He held her in his arms, she danced on his feet
they kiss
they laugh…

I enjoyed every single moment and I’m so sorry it’s over…

A pure celebration of a true love

now I  prefer to leave you with some images…

Mr B.

I love you
(my fav!)
and me….

see you tomorrow with more pics!
(still more pics about France, more Guest post…..!!!)
Have a great week!