{Guest Post: Laura}

My beloved…
how are you today?

 I don’t remember how I got in touch with Laura, my new guest…
She’s an events organizer (one point for her!!) and in her blog she talks about her love for receiving, the love for decorating, for baking and more..

Non mi ricordo come mi sono avvicinata a Laura, la mia ospite di oggi!
é una organizzatrice di eventi ( un punto per lei!) a nel suo blog le piace raccontare del suo amore per l’arte del ricevere, l’amore per l’arredamento, per il cucinare e tante altre cose.

She’s a very nice funny girl and she give me always nice advises!
E’ una ragazza simpatica e mi da sempre buoni consigli

I asked her to tell me what to say about her to introduce her to you, my darling friends!
Le ho chiesto di dirmi qualcosa di lei per presentarvela

She’s “…  31-y.o.proud mum of a little boy (he’s 18 months!)and wife of a lovely and patient man.. Born in Naples,after a long living abroad (NY,Berlin,London and many others..) I’ve “been stopped” and I’m living in Rome since 2006. I love interior design, gardening, baking and anything concerning home and “etiquette”.
I’m a fashion addicted as well..and, most of all, I love looking for the “perfect detail” for home or wardrobe! Chanel or flea market? It doesn’t matter! Style is something so personal and intimate,that neither dollars nor euros  can buy! My feelings are my daily guide and I firmly want to be circled by positive,creative and smiling  people!”

Lei …” ho r1 anni e sono felicemente mamma di un bambino di 18 mesi e moglie di un uomo fantastico e paziente. Nata a Napoli , dopo tanto girovagare “NY, Berlino, Londra e tanti altri) mi sono fermata e ora vivo a Roma dal 2006.
Amo l’arredamento, il giardinaggio, cucinare e tutto quel che concerne la casa e “l’arte del ricevere”.
Sono anche una appassionata di moda…e sono sempre alla ricerca del dettaglio perfetto per la casa e per il mio guardaroba. Chanel or mercatino delle pulci? Non importa!
Lo stile è qualcosa  di così personale ed intimo che né i dollari né glie euro possono comprare!
I miei sentimenti sono la mia guida quotidiana e sono fermamente decisa e convinta di volermi circondare solo a persone creative, positive e sorridenti!”


Hello everybody, my name’s Laura and during my “free time” I  enjoy writing about my ideas, inspiration, dreams and projects on my very young blog, Ricevere con Stile.
I’m really flattered of being on Gaia’s blog today,
because I  think she’s her a delicious woman and blogger! 
Her wonderland ravished me at first glance…so today I’m really feeling like Alice! 
(Did she really asked me to post something for her?!?! Oh how surprising and wonderful life can be!!)
By the way…
I’d like to write about elegance. 
It’s hard to find a right definition for elegance, but all of us can surely recognize it…
Maybe because, quoting the charming Lady Diana Vreeland: “The only, true elegance is inside your mind; if you understand this, all the rest will follow up by itself”. This is the reason why I think that class and style are all about details…
bedroom #13
…our skill in picking, mixing and matching them, daring and playing with shapes, ideas and colours!
kitchen #11
Elegance is also preserving our past…
…to look after our future…
It’s taking care of our guests…
…it’s smiling to a stranger…
…and appreciating little daily things…
I mean that elegance is being ourselves at all…
…whatever it might be!
Elegance doesn’t mean gravity…not at all!!!
Do you know her?
She looks like having fun, doesn’t she??? But she’s one of the most popular classy icons ever existed!!!
So, girls, relax and be yourself….without forgetting some simple rules…but this is another story, maybe another post…
Thanks, Gaia, for your delicious hospitality!

Thank you Laura…
what do you think?
What is elegance for you?

Che cos’è l’eleganza per voi?