Rainy Monday!
I need some colors, some lights, something fabulous!
The colors of the Fall season are fantastic, Red, Yellow, Green, Brown.
Warm and romantic, but today I look out of my window and the only color I cane see is…GREY!
This is the post I had to publish last monday and I think today it’s the perfect day for an emotional, colored, bright, happy post.
As you know, the past Sunday Irene (here & here) organized her niece’s Baptism Party!

She asked me to be there with her as a friend and as the Official Photographer (how funny!!!) and I’ve answered immediately yes!!!
Ginevra…she’s a lucky girl. 
I’d love to be celebrate with a party like she had!
Pink was the main theme…

The party has been a total success!
Irene and her assistants (Paolo, Dad&Mom) welcomed more than 70 guests.

They are fantastic.
I’d suggest her to organize whatever parties!
They defenitely know how to do it!

I’d love to use that post to show you how to throw a successful party ( … even if you don’t have Valdirose!)
Some simple tips:
Pay attention to :

Use seasonal flowers to decor table, lamps, chairs, 
create your own bouquets and put it everywhere
light lots of candles
choose the right music ( I love Norah Jones , Diane Birch….)
Use boards or whatever you have at home to decor your house. 

Create beautiful corners for people to enjoy them. 

Prepare simple things but pay attention to the presentation
Use mirrors, cake stands, glass domes…
Create your labels, flags.
The “DIY things” is not expensive and it gives lot of satisfactions!
Everybody will look at your things wondering where did you bought them!
Use your fantasy!

I had the perfect model/assistant to help me while I was taking pictures,
she defenitely knows how to move…


A rocker lady with a romantic style!

Last tip:

if you think you can’t (yes you can!)
if you think you aren’t good enough (Impossible!)
if you think you can’t manage the stress ( yes, you can!)

Ask Irene.

Thank you Irene…it’s the only thing I can say!