{Unexpected gift}

I met her at “Memoire de Noel” and she knew how much I loved her mice…
I told her that I was collecting them
because they remind me Me an Mr B
at the end of the day I forgot to ask for them…
but she didn’t forget it and she sent them to Irene 
a couple of mice 
the cutest mice I’ve ever seen
Irene gave to me on Saturday 
and they’ve found already their place at home…
I love them and I adore “Le tre civette
Unexpected gift from unexpected people
there is always something magic 
when things like those happen….
Grazie Monica
p.s…. Prima di lasciarvi vi devo annunciare la vincitrice del Giveaway di Delani 
Etta …
C O N G R A T U L A Z I O N I!!!!