{Nice … in my own way }

Flowers, beautiful palace, blue sea, sweets, La Petite Maison…
This is Nice for me…
one week a part… it was all I wanted…



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What for your weekend?
I’ll go to the beach…maybe I’ll visit my friends…
I’ll spend time with my family
Together is always better
believe me


  • Laura said:

    I love Nice.
    I have beautiful memories.
    Thanks for your photos!

    My week-end?...

    To celebrate my son for his birthday..for his six years old.

    Kisses for you Gaia!

  • Mi sono iscritta al tuo instangram per viaggiare un po' con te:com'è bella la tua mamma, quante cose belle hai visto e quanto colore... mi manchi amica!

    p.s. I miei genitori questo fine settimana saranno a Nizza ma solo per due notti chissà che non riescano a portarmi qualcuna di queste bontà

  • che belle immagini...che bella Nizza..che bello il tuo bello...che bella che sei te!!!

  • Your photography is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your time in Nice.
    I went to the market in Bayeux today and have to work tomorrow afternoon. Then my real "weekend" begins.