{I believe…}

I’ve found the quote in Just a Girl in a City (nice blog you should go visit it!)

  • U right, I know what you like and that store is a great inspiration. It would be great to have a store full of our faves clothes, shoes, accessories, fragrances, decotarive items and furniture! Who knows...we could be partner!

  • Susan said:

    oh I love this quote and Audrey, too!

  • I love this quote...she is one of my favorite actresses of all time. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Iva said:

    I LOVE this quote!! and Aubrey Heburn!

  • She really was the dearest of dears. I've always loved her style. But then, who doesn't?!

  • Kelly said:

    great post!!! glad you like my blog :) yours is super charming and fun to look at!