{What a weekend…}

What I understood from the past weekend? Never trust the forecast …
Before to leave for my two days at the beach I’ve checked on internet the weather and there was the symbol of the sun so I prepared my bag with dresses and flats and my bikinis instead to bring coat and sweather… The weather said “Let’s say Hello to Summer!” so I did it….

We arrived late on saturday evening and when we woke up on Sunday morning we had a surprise…
Opened the windows and …Voilà!

Firtunately for strawberries and lavanda that remind me that it is Summer, I thought it was autumn…
However, we enjoyed our weekend.
My boyfriend bought some stuff for his second passion (guess who is his first passion?) his bike, we took a walk under the rain and then, in the afternoon, I discovered a nice Brocante near the harbour, and you all know how much I love Brocante!

Beautiful garden furnitures, but not only… Christal lamps, old fabrics and everything that could looks “Old”

Don’t you love those two wrought iron manikins ?

I hope you’ll enjoy my pics as I enjoyed taking it! I really did!

What have you done during the weekend? How is the weather where you live?

  • Gaia, your photos are fabulous? Do you edit them in photoshop? I'm such a photoshop rookie...I know nothing about it. But I do know I like your pics!

  • ooo where were you? are you based in spain? looking at your pics makes me inspired to take my camera everywhere i go and so so excited to travel!! i love how you tell us of your weekends, my last weekend was spent in bed and scrapbooking hiding from the rain, im looking forward to a sunny weekend at a friends 21st and day at the beach this weekend, hoping to go for a trek up the top of a mountain over looking the beach too, will post some photos if i make it :)