{1st Day of Summer}

Today, for the calendar, was the first day of summer. This is the day that marks the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. This is also the day on which there is the longest hours of sunlight in the northern hemisphere and the shortest in the southern hemisphere.

I was at the beach, the weather was so and so but cool. I just laid down all day long…What can I ask more?
What have you done today? beach? Home? How was the weather where you live?
I hope you had a great weekend. See you tomorrow, I have new pics and news to tell you!

  • have i ever mentioned that i just adore your pictures?? yes, i think i have :) looks like you had a beautiful weekend! mine was very relaxing, thank you for asking darlin! and i love that alice in wonderland quote! i think you should put it on here! it'd be perfect :) <3 xoxo

  • Here in the desert it was high 90s, a bit overcast & actually I spent the day watching old movies with the kitty in bed. Im not a sun worshipper both mentally & physically...I become red as a lobtser very very quickly!!!

  • Great lazy pictures!I went to the beach at the weekend -but there were no croud, and real relaxing -so nice!! Love//Eva

  • A.C. said:

    what beach is that? It looks wonderful! I miss living in Italy and being an hour away from the sea!

  • Oh i live in Sydney Australia and it is raining and cold. Wish i could lay on the beach, eat lovely ice cream and have cocktails!! xx

  • The weather where I live has been really rainy the last few weeks but this week it is supposed to warm up and get into the 90's! I am so excited for the hot weather to come. The beach pictures look divine....I love all the yellow umbrellas spotted along the sand. Hope you had a good weekend.

  • I love your beach photos, Gaia! The umbrellas remind me of our trip to Amalfi...so pretty, and I SO want to return. It is very rainy in NYC right now, but the days are slowing down a bit, which makes it feel like summer to me:)

  • Gaia said:

    @ A.C : that beach is in Versilia in the Toscany coast. It's the place where i was born and that I call home even if i live in another city since ever

    @ Nicole: Thank you, as you told me I used The Alice quotes!!!Thank you!