{One shoot}

I always liked to take pics more then to be photographed. In this last year I took a lot of photos and not only during trips, sdome of the goods more of them orrible.
I have my camera always in my bag!
Now I’m thinking to buy a new camera. I have already a good camera. It was my brother’s camera when he begun to photograp few years ago, then when he bought his first professional camera he decided it was, time for me to start taking pics with a better camera. So he gave it to me and it’s the only one I use at the moment…

I think it’s time for me to move on and find a new camera. I like the Canon Eos450D a good relation between price and quality and for starting it’s even too much!

I like to see photographer’s web sites where I find always beautiful pics that make me think that yes, you can have a fantastic camera, but it’s not the machine that makes the photo, it’s your eye and your soul that make a picture in a fantastic live pic. Don’t you think?

It’s like to cook. You can have the best ingredient you can find in the market but if you don’t use your heart for cooking you will have good food but nothing moreand the same it’s for a pohotographer.



Understand what I mean?

In all the things there MUST be a good relation between technique and soul, freedom to make mistakes, learn from them. What do you say?