{Shining home}

Good morning Ladies! Today is the first day of Fall…
Here, where I live, is a very bad day! You look outside the windows and you see grey, black clouds, and the temperature is getting down and down!
I don’t know what is good with Fall…I’m a spring/summer girl, but I love to wear boots and dresse, little coat and ballerinas!
Fall is the perfect time to prepare a “things to do” list from now till next summer or for a shorter period too… I’ll think about it and I’ll post my list…

What I need the most today, grey monday and first day of fall, is more light and bright as you see in this gorgeous house!

The British style mix antiques and vintage with new furnitures and details. I love the chandelier with crystal pendandt. It’s unusual for a kitchen but the contrast creates a stunning result!!

The white is the perfect color to furnish an house. It gives you the opportunity to play with fabrics, flowers, stripes and colors.

Isn’t it beautiful the wallpaper? The pattern reminds me to the 50’s.

The pale color palette accentuate the brightness of the room.

The big windows let the light get in…

I love this house!
Have a terrific beginning of week ladies!