{Sweetness, Pumpkins and Pictures}

Wow Girls,
what a week! 2 awards (one has to be posted, sorry Bell), a new project, a lot of emails, comments and new friends, new insipirations and new amazing blogs. I cannot be happier and I cannot desire nothing more. You made my days everyday!
Thank you, Thank you …

Time is running fast. Yesterday was the beginning of September and now is October. Less than a months ago was Summer and now Fall is defenitely arrived. Luckily the weather is still warm and actually, for me, this is the perfect weather. Fresh in the morning, hot and sunny for the rest of the day. Wouldn’t be fantastic to live with this weather?

What do you think?

One of the things I love about Fall (not only boots, clothes, scarves…) is that I start baking again. The oven heat up the kitchen and all the sweet flavors spread all over the house. Yesterday evening I did ham and cheese muffins for dinner with a cheese sauce, chocolate and coconut muffins, amaretto and chocolate muffins and chocolate chips cookies. Now, and for the next weeks, we are just fine….

Fall is also fantastic for his colors and for their vegetable. Pumpkins is fondamentally one of the most famous in this period. I think we can say is the Star of those months. Well known for Halloween, it is used not only for soups, pies, breads, pasta and salads but also to decorate the house. I love little, not perfect pumpkins with an unusual shape.

Yesterday I did a fantastic discovery: I found white pumpkins. I didn’t know they could be also in other colors than yello or orange. I think I will decorate all the house with pumpkins!

And at the end Pictures… I’m really in love with that Art… I don’t know if I’m good or not. I’ve decided to share them with you not because I expect to receive some good compliments but I’d like that you’ll be honest and critics about the pics. I need to know what do you think and please, don’t be shy. I want to learn and became good on it.
Your opinion is precious!

Have a terrific weekend!
Love you