{Giveaway, Headbands and a movie}

What a day!

So many things happened…

First, I’ve been brave and you’ll be so proud of me… I cut my hair… Actually, they are still long enough to say ” I have long hair” but for me they are short! So short… I keep saying that they grow fast, that they need to be cut for their health, that in Winter it’s better short hair, that I’m nice, that they make me younger… I miss my long hair!!!

Lesson number 1: when you say to your hair stylist that you want him to cut ” till here” (pointing the point with your finger!!!) be sure she/he understand where/how/what do you mean!!!

BTW… I like my new cut!!!

Do you remember my firsts works (a ballerina and an headband)? Well, I did more headbands and many other things ‘cause my intention is to open Alice’s Etsy shop (Any of you knows the rules about Taxes, Laws…I need help!) and then, maybe, a real store … Not only abouts my headbands… But you already know that! I’m boring … I know!!!

This is made with 4 grey silk Origami Flowers …

This is made with black grosgrain and fuchsia velvet ribbon…

I love to made them… At the moment they are just gifts for friends…
If you wanna buy them, they are very cheap and they could be a nice gift for Christmas and they are unique! :)!
I’ll show you more pics soon!

This evening I went to the movie … It was the “New Moon” night… Love it! I was almost the older, if you don’t count the parents that took their girls to the movie! Sigh!

Then I have an announce to make: “I’m doing my first GIVEAWAY!!!” YEAHHHH! (don’t worry, not with my headbands or a cake!)

I cannot say nothing more… It will be a surprise but tomorrow, during the day I’ll reveal what it’s all about! I’m so excited and I know you’ll love it!

So… don’t forget to come to visit me… the rules? Visit me, became follower, leave a comment and cross finger!!!


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