{Avoca Anthology}

Avoca’s family-run business that spans one of the world’s oldest surviving manufacturing companies and Ireland’s stores.

I’ve been to Dublin few years ago and I’ve just remembered that I’ve visited it and I felt in love immediately with every single piece… Mr B didn’t like it very much … He waited me outside the store . Actually he liked it but it was tired to wait outside all the Dublin’s stores …

Avoca is a kind of “Anthropologie“, a mini department store, a great fashion and lifestyle store. They sell Accessories, Homewares, Hampers & Food, books and many more…

They have restaurants and cafè inside thier store…to relax after a bit f shopping…. I bet you won’t go out without a dress or an accessory!

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The have stuff for your home too and an online shop for the unfortunate people that don’t live in Ireland near an Avoca Store! Me, for example!

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There are so many things to purchase but remember… If you are there just for vacation pay attention to the room you have left on your luggage! It could be very dangerous to visit Avoca Store…

I wish there was an Avoca Store in my city for buying all the Christmas presents for my friends…I know for sure they will appreciate it. I think I’ll visit the online store… you never know waht you can find in there!

Be ready for my next giveaway! it will be something made directly by me!

I have to thank Inspiration in Italy for giving me this awards that I pass to:

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No. 15… because you will love her pics!
Just a girl in the city… ‘cause I agree with her… Life is simple , be fabulous!
Nearly Stylish… she knows Fashion!
Catching Instants … she has a great new scarf!
Sweet as a Candy… great post about interior home!


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