{Never ending love}

This is my Love Story… Hoss Intropia

I’ve met this brand few years ago and since then I’ve never stopped to dress Hoss. It’s a spanish label but the clothes and the accessories have a french touch.
What I love and why I love Hoss? I love always all the collections, every single pieces, the colors, the shape and the way that they make me feel: Feminine, unique with my defined style…

Every season is a guarantee… it never disappoint me!
Femininity and the eclectic style stand up thanks to the fabrics used and the colors. The “palette” of the colors goes from cream, ivory, pink, turquoise, cherry and purple. But also yellow, blue, green. The tissus vary from cotton, linen and tulle.

One of the carachteristic that I love the most is the fact that they don’t follow fashion’s seasons. They are by their self! No label, no monogram just their unmistakable style. It’s for a woman that love style but doesn’t love to be and to have the same clothes as everybody! It’s for a woman that want to wear the clothes and not the opposite!

Hoss has a timeless style!

I think I already know what I will buy for sure as soon as it will be in store! I so need summer , sun , hot and the Hoss clothes! I’ve already seen some of the new pieces, thanks to some “friends” met in Pitti (Florence) and at the White (Milan) and I can’t wait.
(All the pics are from styleandfashion.blogosfere.it )
  • Love love love Hoss! I can't live without their gorgeous dresses! ;-)
    I can't wait to see the new collection in my faves stores.
    Kisses my sweetie!

  • Jenn~ said:

    Thank you so much....I think I am in love by the little that I did see....here's hoping I can find some of this in the US :) love love love :)

  • Susan said:

    gorgeous! I love the photos with the shoes-and-clothes-on-the-table thing.
    have a sweet day, darling, xoxo

  • Oooh, what pretty clothes and styling. I am in love!

  • I didn't know that label, but their clothes appear to be very cute indeed!

  • Hoss! (Goes with Boss). I can remember that - and I will remember! Very cute, feminine and chic. Thanks darling for sharing! OX, Mon