{A new week, a new month, a new trip}

Hi ladies,

I had a very cold weekend. Yesterday, after a short trip to IKEA (where we had lunch…Their salmon isn’t so bed you know?), we took a quick walk in the city center because I had to go to one of my fav store and then, we spent the rest of a cozy afternoon at home in good company… books, hot cup of thè but no cookies!

This morning we woke up under a snow storm, for real…


Tomorrow I will be in NIce ( Cote d’ Azur – South of France) for 3 days. A short trip but very important for me… I’m going with my best friend, she’ s the only one, she’s great, she has style and personality, she’s my daily inspiration. She’s tough and she loves me unconditionally… she’s my mom! I’m ready to talk in French… Oui, biensur j’adore le francias et quand je peut j’aime bien le parler (Yes , sure I adore French and when I can I love to speak in french!)…

I know that tomorrow there’s a market to visit and tuesday early in the morning we will go to a fruit and vegetable market and you know my passion for brocantage and antique market…My camera is ready for that and I hope I will show you some nice pics! I have no other plans , just enjoy my mom. I think it’s our first trip all alone… just the two of us!

girls, tomorrow is February, another month has passed by! Two more months of cold and bad weather then spring! I can’t wait for… Some of my project are coming to an end … Maybe I’ll tell you more soon…

Have a great weekend … tell me about you! how are you?

  • Kris said:

    Hello! Another trip? I envy you! It's so cold in NYC, I'm surprised I even have the courage to go outside and get to the gym! As you say, spring is coming. Must tone up! Can't wait to see your pictures!

  • Oooh -enjoy your trip. I have been to Nice before, and I love it!!

  • I cannot wait to hear about your trip to Nice! I will be going there this summer and could use recommendations!

  • Oh wow, how gorgeous. What lovely shots. I wish my weekend was as pretty as yours!

  • How cool! I wish I lived in France... or in Italy
    Ps: I ve been getting io but I didnt your blog for moths and this is the first time I read the paragraph from Alice in wonderland I read that book a while ago but I didnt realized it was sooo pretty

  • Oh how I adore your blog...thank you for leaving a comment on mine so I could find you. It sounds like you are very busy traveling around and enjoying life...don't you just love the month of February? Oh I love the quote by lewis carroll on your sidebar...I have the same one hanging on my organizer. xo

  • hey lovely so nice of you to see how im doing! sounds like you are having a wonderful time! how cute for you and your mum to be going away together that sounds so sweet! cant wait to see your pics Nice is one of my ten must see places! im great had a nice weekend away traveling around the coast and visiting cute winery's and this neat pottery place where i tired my hand at the wheel...not such a natural talent but it was fun all the same! i got my latest tattoo too, i will post it on my wall so you can have a look :)
    next week i have my interview to find a family in the usa to nanny with. thats very exciting for me. will hopefully be off exploring the other side of the world by May!!!!

  • je suis tres jalouse! i've always wanted to go to la cote d'azure.

    have fun speaking french! j'aime bien le parler aussi. :)

    lovely photos!

  • Amy said:

    Hi darling, I hope you are having a lovely time in Nice! Enjoy your time with your mom. I can't wait to see the photos. Speaking of photos, your window views are up in the Through My Window series today, come check it out when you get back. xoxo Amy

  • Have a lovely trip!! A getaway to the south of France sounds like heaven.

  • Aimee said:

    I hope you had an amazing trip! You're pictures are beautiful...


  • I love going to Ikea & making a whole day of it. I think there food is kinda good too! That is for sure a winter wonderland. Thanks so much for your sweet comment the other day :)

  • hi-d said:

    I found you by way of No 15's blog. Nice snow pictures. I do love the snow, but I think I'm about ready for springtime as well.

    Have fun with your Mom...so cool to have that special relationship!

  • Kris said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my gift. Thank you SO much. Smells so pretty!

  • love Nice!!one of the most beautiful place in the world!


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