When you were a little girl, have you ever dreamt to wear your mom’s clothes, shoes, bags? Have you ever pose in front of the mirror with your mom’s make up on? I did it!

Now that I’m a big gilr I’d love to wear MAAN clothes and not only becauese I’d love to go back in years (sigh!) but because their collections are amazing. I ‘ve just discover it thanks to Paula and her blog “Two Ellie

Usually, I don’t like visible big logos on clothes or children dressed like little adults! I love unientified clothes and I’m more interested in fabrics, colors, shapes, pattern and MAAN has everything I like…

I’m totally in love with this belgian label…So cute and timeless! Kid’s fashion could be so interesting sometime!

Take a look to their past collections…

Wouldn’t you wear that little yellow coat?

    since never!!! theyre just too cute
    I feel like buying them and saving them for my children, I mean the children I will have in future tense

  • I love these outfits...especially the big flower pins. I can't wait to have kids.

  • Love everything about your site...You are so talented. Such a delight to be on here and reading your posts.
    XO Emily

  • belliiii! Prometto che questo è l'ultimo commento ma sappi che ne farei uno per post!