{Toc, Toc… It’s Spring}

Happy Spring Day!

What a weekend… And YOU? What have you done?

Thank you for being so nice with all of your comments and for participating to my giveaway!

I knew that Kim was amazing already before her giveaway but I couldn’t imagine that I would have received so many mails about her blog, her pics and everyone told me that she’s a great person! I wish I could meet her one day!

Thank you Kim… I hope you’ll have a fantastic trip to France and I can’t wait to see your new pics!

The winner of the giveaway is Maria from ” Dreamy Whites“, she’s a new happy follower and she told me “… I would love to win one of her photographs…”…Here we go!!!

You’ll receive the “three happy Cupcakes” directly from Kim, a nice gift for Easter and for being a “wonderwoman”, 34 years old, married and with 5 children!

Say hello to my apartment!

(click to enlarge)

You can imagine what I’va I done the entire weekend! Pillows, painting furnitures, …
This is the plan! Soon some pics!

Have a Brilliant week!

p.s.: what a nice way to start a new week with another giveaway? The Gilded Bee
is doing a “lovely package wrap kit” giveaway! Go check it out!