{It’s time …}

Home Sweet Home… finally!

Tomorrow it will be the first day in my new house. I won’t sleep there till the weekend or at least next week when I’ll move defenitely…

Till then I have too many things to do…tomorrow I’ll go clean carefully everything, then I’ll wait for the carrier that has to deliver all the appliances and then all the furnitures and all the hundreds and hundreds of packs! I’M SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T BREATHHHH!!!!

I’m kidding, obviously! I’m so happy! It will be magic and fabulous! I know everything will be fine!

Do you remember her? Maybe I didn’t introduce her to you!

It was a Saturday, two weeks ago! She was all alone in the streets near the garbage can, leaning against a three. We met in the morning, I was in the car with Mr B… As soon as we saw her we decided to take her home with us. She made a big smile, and it was immediately love!

I made her a new dress. She deserve it. Do you remember when , in Dirty Dancing Patrick said ” Nobody puts baby in a corner!”? Well, I did the same! I don’t think it’s fair to use things and then throw them away without even trying to fix them!

It was simple, easy and fast! I’ve cleaned her with a wet cloth and then with acetone to take off all the traces of glue and grease.

Before to use water paint ( not acrylic!) I’ve used a white primer paint. Preparation is fundamental. The right choice of primer or undercoat is key to achieving the best results. I’ve let it dry for 4 hours and then I’ve chosen a white/grey to paint the chair, let her dry for 4 hours and then painted again.

I’ve made my own stencil mask to decorate it. A laurel crown and a crown with our initial “B”

I’m really satisfied with the result and I’m proud for what I’ve done. I’m sorry if I’m bothering you but, please, forgive me… I can’t stop smiling!

What do you think of my new “friend”?

Wish me luck my dear friend! My new life begin tomorrow…