{The Village}

I know… I can’t buy any clothes and I need to stay focused to my home but it’s nice to look anyway… Isn’t it!?

I love Karen Walker collection. Funny printed pants, sailor stripes, boat shoes. Her inspiration come from the ocean, the seashore. It make me think to Portofino, New England, Maine, Cape Cod and all the famous city on the coasts of the world!

Blue, white, sand with a touch of colors… Yellow and red, dots and pennant on dresses and bags.

Every seasons, she made double collection for Northern Emisphere and Southern Emisphere.

She had me already with the Northern Emisphere collection because is for our Summer but take a look to the Southern Emisphere collection…Fantastic! the same collection for the entire world, hot places and cold places at the same tiime. What a fantastic idea!

I’d love both the collection… Terrific!

Look at the backstage….

How are you ladies! I miss some of you, where are you?

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