{New life, new home celebration + Giveaway }

Hi Ladies,

I’m back from my 2 days in France and it’s time to celebrate my first night at my new home with Mr B and the beginning of a new life toghether! Since the end of March we daily go at home to prepare everything, to organize, decorate, paint … We still have too many things to do and finish but we are in!

What a better way to celebrate ? A giveaway!!! And what a better giveaway!? Something about Alice’s in Wonderland!!

I’ve met Roberta, from Pinkcherrymania few weeks ago in the blogosphere. She has a blog and a great Etsy Store. Thanks to her fantastic tags, bags, boxes, “Drink me items” she had me immediately! It’s the perfect giveaway for my blog and for all my followers!

She decided to offer 2 gifts from her etsy store :

* the set of 10 tags for the giveaway

* the set of 12 Dream, Love, Wish, Laugh, Live, Hope Cupcake/Food Picks

I’ve asked her to kindly answer to some question and here what she said:

Italian name, are you italian? Where do you come from?
My relatives come from spain, france and mexico and i married a scottish man 🙂

Where did everything start?
It all started when i was a little girl. i have always loved to create and make things. being a stay-at-home-mom, i wanted to find a way to use my creative energy and share it with others. last summer, my daughter had her 16th birthday party in the vintage alice in wonderland theme. it was very difficult to find vintage looking items for her party….so i made them myself! i decided to try selling them in my etsy shop and in a matter of weeks, i was busier than i ever had imagined! i had tried for 2 years to sell my creations on etsy with no success, so this has been such a blessing!

Your Etsy Store is your job or is your hobby?
My etsy shop started out as a hobby and has become my job. it is wonderful to have a job that i LOVE and that can also help support my family.

Why did you choose Alice’s characters?
Since i was a little girl, i have been captivated by the story of alice. i remember dreaming that i had such adventures many times! as an adult, i never lost my love for the story of wonderland. i have always experimented with ways to incorporate alice in wonderland into art, decorating and everyday life, without having it look “childish” or “juvenile”. i feel like the vintage illustrations of alice allow me to do all of the above. i have created items for children and adults ranging in age from 1 year, to older women having their second wedding and everywhere in between. the story speaks to so many, young and old, boys and girls, men and women….it is ageless, timeless and classic. i also create marie antoinette inspired items. although a very frivolous girl, her style is so inspiring!

Can you tell me something more about you? I know that you have 3 children and what else? Hmmm, well, there is so much to tell! i do have 3 wonderful children who live with me and a wonderful step-daughter who lives with us in the summertime. we have 3 girls and a boy, ages 14, 15, almost 17 and 4.

I have had many jobs over the years including hairdresser, medical assistant, art gallery manager, cake decorator…. i have never quite decided on what i want to be when i grow up, so i figure, i’ll try everything!
I love to travel, but have not had much opportunity to do so as an adult. i did get to travel to russia as a teenager in 1990. it was one of the best times of my life!
I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive of my constant ideas and projects. we met in the 8th grade and went to high school together. we both married other people and had children before finding each other again and living happily-ever-after. after years of trying to have a child together, we gave up, but were eventually blessed with our miracle boy in 2006.

Hmmm, what else….i LOVE to go to antique stores and flea markets. i would love to travel to france someday. i live on a bluff overlooking a beautiful valley…every morning i get to look out over the alfalfa fields and watch the cows and deer and wildlife below. i also have unobstructed views of the beautiful sierra-nevada mountains, where i grew up. my home is such an inspiration.

our entire family is involved in the youth ministry in our church, working with high school kids. it is such a blessing to be able to give back and serve others since we have been so blessed.

Alice is a naive and poetic girl but also very curious. My father used to told to be curious in life. To read book to learn something more. To learn a foreign language , to travel the world, to have a lots of interest and so I did.

What about you? Are you a curious girl?
Curious? yes!!!!! i am very curious. my curiosity has been known to get me into trouble many times. whether it is reading old books, and studying history or exploring caves, abandoned houses and floating my way through water filled mine shafts (not recommended!) i find that my curiosity has not changed over the years and is such a vital part of my creative process.

Apart from your Alice’s etsy store, do you have others interests?
The list could go on and on, but a few of my other interests include reading, writing, gardening, cake decorating, party planning, hiking, doing anything at the ocean, scrapbooking, crocheting, visiting museums and historical sites, travel, cooking , digging through junk piles and visiting antique stores.

I have a blog that i have not updated in quite a while, but i will be re-decorating it in the next week or so if you would like, come and visit me! www.pinkcherrymama.com

Thanks Roberta, for your kindness and for your answers! We love almost the same things…

She does beautiful things, look at her amazing Marie Antoinette tags

The rules for the giveaway:

1) To enter the draw please became my follower, visit “Pinkcherrymama” etsy store and leave a comment here within April the 27th.
2) To double the chance to win, please visit “Pinkcherrymama” blog and leave a comment (let me know it in a second comment);
3) the third way to enter the draw is to post about my giveaway and Roberta’s Etsy Store on your blog (write me the link on a third comment).

3 chances to win!!! The winner will be chosen randomly! Good luck ladies!!!

Giveaway end Tuesday April the 27th, 8.oo pm local time. I will announce the winner next tuesday!

If you desire to be featured in my Etsy project or do you have an online store and do you want me to write about you and host a giveaway feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

Grab the button!!!

  • Kris said:

    SO cute Gaia! What a lovely giveaway. I can't wait to see the pics of you new place!

  • Debby said:

    I will check out her Etsy shop for sure. Nice interview.

  • Oh how beautiful, Roberta's tags are gorgeous and I love her food picks. She has lots of wonderful things in her etsy shop. What a lovely giveaway. xx

  • I have also visited Robert's delightful blog and left her my comment full of admiration for her gorgeous creations! xx

  • I absolutely love these!!! I just stumbled upon your blog today. I love Alice (just did a long post the other day) and had just been thinking I wanted to have an Alice-themed party. These tags and her other items are perfect! Thanks for featuring this.


  • Congratulations on your move and 'new beginning' with the handsome beau!

    Great giveaway ~ Roberta is VERY talented!

  • wow! those tags are the cutest!! i those alice illustrations :) great giveaway

  • Bentornata! Il giveaway è meraviglioso ....come al tuo solito... quindi incrocio le dita e vado a visitare l'altro blog!

  • ecco fatto ho lasciato anche un commento a questa talentuosa amichetta! adesso posso partire !

  • Patata ma dai! Che coincidenza! Conosco questo negozio da mesi e ho sempre voluto comprare qualcosa!Incrocio le dita e spero di vincere....
    p.s.ma quindi sei già a casina? e non mi hai detto niente??

  • Oh Gaia, such a lovely idea!
    I´ve visit her blog (and of course left a comment to her, because I NEEDED to tell her how beautiful her created things are!!!) and I of course will post about your cute giveaway! Hope your first night in your new home was perfect and lovely! have a very lovely day today Beauty! sunny greetings from germany, geisslein

  • diana said:

    Ciao Gaia, come te da pochi giorni mi sono trasferita nella mia casina nuova...una nuova vita ci attende!...è emozionante...per me sabato è stata la prima notte e ti capisco perfettamente!
    Allora "ci" auguro tanti momenti meravigliosi e non vedo l'ora di vedere qualche bella foto del tuo appartamento....i pochi dettagli che ho potuto ammirare sono fantastici!
    Ciao e spero di vincere....ahhhhh!

  • Ah dimenticavo!! Partecipo anch'io a
    questo fantastico Giveaway!!!
    Kisses :)

    Vieni a Forte dei Marmi Alla Mostra?
    mi farebbe molto piacere conoscerti!!

  • What beautiful things! I follow you on a feed. Thanks for the fun!

  • Thanks for sharing her! I am going to have to check her out, I love finding a new beautiful place to visit!

  • Mara said:

    Ciao Gaia! partecipo di corsa al tuo giveaway! e metterò nella mia sidebar il tuo link!

  • so so pretty! I love her shop, so whimsical.
    Pretty pretty!
    Gaia, here's the tutorial for the pom poms

    email me if you need any help :) xoxo

  • Aaah Gaia! queste sono le cose che piacciono a me ..SUPER CUTE!
    non vinco MAI ma ci provo SEMPRE!! sono una testona sai...

  • I would be happy to participate in this lovely give-away! Thank you for the nice invitation! Those labels and tags are very pretty :)
    Best regards from Belgium,

  • what lovely things, and a great interview. I'm a follower and will enter the giveaway.

  • So whimsical and lovely! I've visited her shop and plan to buy for a gift to a friend. Now I'm off to check out her blog!

  • I love this cute tags!! I have visited her Etsy shop and I have post a coment in her blog too. I hope to be lucky!!