{Cottage Inspiration}

Thank God this week is at the end…

What about to move for the weekend to your holiday home? Faraway from pc, telephone, Tv, noise? I’m thinking to an isolated beach, with some friends , barbecue in the evening, sea and beach all day long, barefoot for the entire weekend to recharge the battery for another week!

This could be the right place. In France, a couple, bought this old fisherman’s home in “Les Portes” one of the most quaint village of the Ile de Rè

They renewed la maison from head to toe using simple materials, neutral colors and mixing different style with à fil rouge… A touch of red everywhere!

It took 18 weeks to give a new face to that old house and the result is stunning!

It could be a lamp, a box or a “cafè” sign. Red is everywhere!

It’s not the typical Cottage with blu everywhere, shells, stripes. It’s something different. An old house that still has that old atmosphere and flavours but with a new face! It could be a family house where to spend every summer and weekends and where always come back . Full of memories, this is a place you can call “Home”…

The old style fridge is perfect for that simple kitchen. Nothing too modern or too new.

Three bedrooms each with a defined style and romantic names “Bois de la Rose”, “Bois de Sable” and “Bois Flottè”

Two old shutters divide the “salle de bain” from the bedroom.

*Art&Decoration June2009*

…. I’m sorry if I didn’t come to visit you or comment on your posts, or answers to your emails and messages, but I need a short break to stay with my family for few days…

I’m back…and I’ll get back to all of your kind messages! Thanks for being my strenght…

Have a nice weekend…hoping in just few hours of sun!

  • Anna said:

    Buondì Gaia,
    piacerebbe molto anche a me potermi rilassare in compagnia dei miei cari amici in una casa in riva al mare, queste immagini mi piacciono tantissimo, semplici ma allo stesso tempo meravigliose!!
    Felice fine settimana, Anna.

  • paola said:

    Ciao!Questo cottage è fantastico, hanno fatto veramente un ottimo lavoro. Mi piace moltissimo soprattutto la cucina. Complimenti anche per il tuo blog, ti ho scoperta da poco ma sono già un'affezzionata lettrice!
    Buon week-end

  • I love this shabby chic look. It reminds me of my grandma's house and makes me feel at home.


  • This is the most perfect cottage I could ever think of! Being at the beach all weekend sounds like the best type of getaway, and I would love to do just that in this house! Hope you have a refreshing weekend. :)

  • Gaia hey!! I'm so glad o be home again and able to comment in your lovely blog!
    you kmust know that Im still very ond of it though I seldom leave a comment
    I adore those rooms and furnishing I went to France a few days ago and you gave me some ideas for my home-to-be in France

  • Ciao Gaia
    Wow...che belle queste immagini! Ma perchè non ti fai anche tu un banner così facciamo lo scambio? Lo metterei subito sul mio blog!