{Waiting for a wedding – Part 1}

In september my best friend Flaminia will get married! She lives in Rome and I don’t see her as often I’d love but we talk almost every day!
We were collegue when we worked as events organizer and during all the time we worked toghether we had a lot of fun and our friendship became stronger and stronger…

I knew she would get married soon but I wasn’t prepare when she told me few months ago…

I immediately started to think about her wedding and when she asked me to be her witness and to help her with the organization I was thrilled to start!

So my mind started to run…

First of all we/she had to choose the color palette…. The main theme of her wedding will be Lavender!

I thought how I could help her more… and so i’ve made few things and I sent her last week…

She just adored everything (she called me in tears!).

Now the difficult part it’s to choose what to do and to make large quantity of everything in time for the wedding!

Here what I’ve made:

Homemade jam made with summer fruits!

Bubble soap to use at the end of the Ceremony

Home made place holder

For the rice….
What do you think? Those are just some samples… The real one will be perfect!
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