{More than a lunch – 1 part}


It’s the first time that I don’t have any words to describe the lunch at Irene’s house.
She lives not far from Florence and with a sunny day and the blue sky you can see the cathedral from her bedroom’s windows. She lives a Lastra a Signa a very tiny “village” so carachteristics.
I can’t say nothing bad about Tuscany…I’m from Tuscany too!

It’s in the counry side, no traffic, no noise, and a beautiful surround. Totally immersed in the nature…


 Irene & Paolo welcomed us in their amazing enchanted garden…
As soon as we entered in the path I’ve been overwhelmed from a huge Hydrangea’s hedge.
As I’ve told you it’s so difficult to write about them, their home and their Valdirose B&B.
All the things I could say they won’t be enough to describe them and how we felt.
Irene is a fantastic girl. She seems to be so “shy” but she’s strong, too modest, very generous and with a talent for receiving that let me speechless. I’m an aesthete and a perfectionist and as soon as you get inside their home it’s seems to be in one of the famous home decor’s magazine…
I won’t show you their home, I don’t want to violate their privacy…
But I want to show you something better… Her home’s details that say more than thousand words.
you know that I have a thing for details. Faschion details or home decor details define a personality!
And Irene has a strong defined personality!
But if you follow her blog you know that already!
The attention she put in all the things tell me so much about her, about her style and her natural and not artefact personality.
I think that style, like class and elegance, are something that you can’t build or create or even buy
you can work on it…But if you don’t have it… people will understand it.
And Irene has it, and a lot!!!
Paolo, her husband, her friend, her partner, her world is a genuine and pure person. Mr B is not known to be a very open person. Usually he likes to listen and to analyze who is in front of him. With Paolo something happened. They started talking from the first minute they met that Sunday.
Irene and Paolo are a magic and real couple. They couldn’t find a better person for each other.
Only at the end of the lunch, when he served Champagne they told us that it was Paolo’s birthday.
He served the cake with a style… he made a design on the slice…HE!!!


whatever…He suffle on the candle with his little princess Beatrice.
She express a desire …”I want to be loved by Dad” and I almost burst into tears…


I was so excited that I didn’t took any pics at the kitchen. My favourite place. For me that I love to bake, to have people for dinner, to cook their kitchen is heaven.
But all the rooms are amazing…
You’ve already seen this pics on her blog… I like the place she found for the trunks…It couldn’t found a better home!!!
What I’ve loved about their home is that even if is so elegant it’s comfortable and it doesn’t make you feel worried to sit on the sofas!
They’ve that elegance….
The lunch…
she knows how to satisfy your eyes, your mouth and your soul…
The food, the presentation, the table set were perfect!
she’s an angel! Big blue eyes, dark hair, white skin with pink cheeks …
her tattoo!
She get along with Denis…
I played with her all day… she’s a gentle spirit and she ‘s so mature!
This is it! for now…
I had a fantastic day, I wish I could do it again soon…
I won’t tell you what we talked about, it’s the treasure I want to keep just for me from that day.
But she gave me good advises and she helped me a lot to spend a carefree day that is something I need now.
I’m jelous of my things and of my friends but I  wanted to share with you
her kindness, her grace and her world made of beautiful things.
This is what a friend does, don’t you agree?
Share and complicity is what friendship is for !
Before to leave she gave me lots of hydrangea that I put all over my tiny! apartment…
I will tell you more and more about Valdirose that needs and entire post!
Don’t miss my next Guest…she’s so sunny!!!
Have a wonderful Week darlings!