{ Waiting for a wedding – part 3}

Happy Monday,
my dear friends!
Did you have a great weekend? At the beach? pic nic? Antiques?
What have you done?
What a weekend…
I went to Rome with Mr B for my best friend’s wedding ( part 1 – part 2).
I was super excited and nervous. She booked some rooms for us near the place where the wedding took place yesterday.
We spent the afternoon together walking, talking, laughing, shooting; just the two of us. 
We had so much to talk about.
She’s happy. I think I’ve never seen her so happy and calm. 
She was embarassed while I was trying to shoot some pics. 
She doesn’t know I was more embarassed and worried. She’s one of the most unselfish, caring, generous, nice person I know and I wanted my pics to celebrate her … what a fantastic woman she is.
Now it’s really late, I gotta go to bed…still excited!
Can’t wait to show you the wedding…