{Chateau Domingue}

One of the beauty of a blog and to be a blogger is to discover and share our treasures and the links we find on others blogs and, in general, on the entire web site!

The inspiring Cote de Texas introduced me to Chateau Domingue.

Founded in 2002 by Ruth Gay and based in Houston ,Texas, it is now one of the most important importers of reclaimed and aged architectural elements and monumental antiques in the United States.

Chateau Domingue is known for is unmatched selection of unique building materials. French wall stones, coping, pool surrounds and many other distinguishing building material collection …

It’s during her travels through Europe that she discovers the beautiful products for her shop. in her shop fanciful gates, ancient fireplaces and doorways, tall columns, shutters and sinks, fountains and many many special finds to accomplish the desire of the clients.

All the furnishing are from authentic European interiors. Offering a large and everexpanding variety of furnitures and accessories for the home, they meet and satisfy the desires and the requests of all the clients…Actually, It’s impossible not to find something interesting when visting their 15,000 sq.feet warehouse (when they open it was “only” 5,000 sq feet)!

Now that I found my future interior designer what it is left to do is to find an house…