{Packs, paints, chocolate eggs and Rabbit cookies}

Monday evening, almost midnight, all alone listening Diane Birch and at the end of two perfect days of holiday. For the first time in years I spent Easter lunch with Mr B’s relatives and not with my family in Tuscany.

We wanted to stay in Bologna to enjoy the firts days at home. Mr B helped me to paint some shelfs that I’ll use in my fitted wardrobe, part of them for shoes and the rest for bed and bath linen.

All our friends come to visit us and I’ve made an Easter present for them.

I’ve made Easter Rabbit and Egg with frosting pack with chocolate eggs. I also made a lot of muffins, chocolate breads with chocolate frosting and a lot of cookies for my mom’s freezer, she will have a surprise when she’ll be back home and she won’t miss my bake when I won’t be home anymore!

I wanted to do something more but those last days have been terrific and I was dazed, tired, happy, and then again tired, happy, super excited… It’s almost a month already that I struggle to sleep. When I close my eyes, my head start spinning around and I start thinking and thinking. Does it happen to you too sometimes ?

This is one of my first present. My aunt gave me those cute scented cosy little pillows that I’ve already put in my wardrobe. Black figue is the smell, my fav scent!

I love to have a good smell on my clothes and linen and those are perfect!

So I’m having a great time, the best time I’ve ever thought! And you?

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