{What if…}

Hi ladies…good belated morning, good belated afternoon and good night! How was your monday? Mine has been not good in the morning but defenitely better in the afternoon…

At 5 pm I’ve received an e-mail . The object was: “You are a winner”… Monika from Splendid Willow wrote me to inform me that I was one of the winner of her giveaway.

I was totally surprised ‘cause I left a comment to win yesterday evening really late… …. I’m really happy! Totally unexpected! I can’t wait to receive my gift, 8 thin German Glitter Peace Sign Ornaments from Pottery Barn! just in time for Christmas!!!

Thank you Monika!
you defenitely made my day!

She has a great blog about design! Go visit it and leave a comment, she will be happy!

Then, I’ve received the most touching email I’ve ever received since I’ve started writing the blog… “One day, …. I run into your magnificent blog. Since then I’m a huge fan and have been reading it consistently. Actually, your amazing blog gave me the inspiration to start writing again. ” and so on and on…

Thank you Sigal for what you have written to me…. her blog is www.sigalnicethings.com … It’s in hebrew… I still don’t speak hebrew!

What do you think about my new header and backgound? I’ve decided to change it but if you don’t like it I’ll get back to the old style… Tell me what do you think…

the old one

Isn’t it good to change some time or do you think it’s better to stay always in the same way? Are you brave or not? What have you done that you think it’s a big change for yourself? It could be anything: home moving, quit your job to follow your dreams… What?

I have long long hair and I’m thinking to cut them or to change the color… I’d love to but at the end I feel secure with my long hair and with my color… I’m not that brave… I’d love to have short hair that are defenitely more practice and easy to treat especially in winter and , actually, I had it for few years but now I can’t. Long hair are my strenght as for Samson in the Greek mythology (do you know the history?)!

*if you know where that pic come from, please let me know*

What about you?
  • oh lucky you! that ornament is adorable!
    and love the new header! change is good sometimes :)

  • i like the new look... it's important to renew and revamp if you ever feel like things are getting boring or old, or if they don't feel like "you" anymore. i just changed the look of my blog too, and it made me very happy to remake things exactly the way i was feeling about them now, in the present. do what makes you happy!
    i don't know if i'm very brave, or whether i embrace change fully or am still a little scared sometimes, but the biggest thing i probably did was change cities and universities for love. it was scary and a big leap, but i'm glad i did it and now after 5 years we're newly married and incredibly happy! so that was an adventure that payed off :)
    xo meg

  • yes do it! i love change and so am always floating around searching for it- i need to be happy with the same a bit more it think. but i am always changing cutting and colouring my hair i guess it helps one of my best friends is my hair dresser. i'd love to have long beautiful hair but im tooo impatient to wait for it to grow! and yes i have done something out of my comfort zone this past weekend that was BIG for me! i did a bungy jump which is a NZ thing where you jump from a ridiculous height with nothing but a rubber band tied around your ankles. for me it was to conquer my fears of heights although im not sure it did that but it was still a massive accomplishment to step off that bridge! an by doing that i learnt something about myself and about my future and i was able to share this experience with my good friend, which sounds silly but it was truely amazing what it meant to the both of us. anyway check out my pics on my page hehe p.s congrats on the prize how exciting! pottery barn is just something we hear about on the movies way over here in nz how exciting to own something from there!!!!

  • hi there!

    i posted the recipe for cream cheese frosting on today's post with a little shot out to you :-)

    also i'd LOVE for you to make a shameless loves list :-)

  • Congrats on you win, they are adorable! I love you new look! Have a sweet day!

  • J'adore the new look! And I hope you reveal your new hair too!


  • Thank you, girlie! You are always so sweet! And the ornaments actually arrived today (10 days early!) - so I will be shipping them off this week!

    I really like the look! Made me think about my own background design ... I am starting to get a little bored with those branches...

    Let me know when you get the package.

    Happy, happy!

    OX, Monika

  • Thanks so much for mention me on your blog... I like the new look,
    It's good and important to do some changes wherever and whenever you can. It keeps you alive !!! I need changes in life although it takes me a while to make them… l need to have around me the old familiar things like my family and friends and to do the changes in clothes, hair, music and so on…

  • Congratulations on your prize!! How lovely!

    I love the new look - very classy.

    I love change and yearn for more change and adventure in my life sometimes. I like to learn, to go out of my comfort zone and do new things.

    Saskia xx

  • Love the new look blog but keep your gorgeous long hair...just have a few highlights or make some little change, xv.

  • Yay for winning! Woo Hoo!

    I like both your blog layouts, both are so pretty - I couldn't choose between them.

    As for me, change is something I am on the fence about. I always worry about it, but then eventually do it - sometimes I love it (like moving from Australia to the US), and sometimes I don't (back in college I got my hair cut in a super-short Pixie Cut).

  • Susan said:

    congrats, darling! I love pottery barn :)
    have a gorgeous day, xoxo

  • Bucca said:

    Don't you just LOVE winning stuff.
    I almost never win usually but this year I've had some long overdue luck!

  • Kris said:

    great giveaway! And I like your new blog look. It's a great change. I've been thinking about what to change mine to look like but I just have no idea what to do.

  • Greet said:

    Hallo Gaia,
    I am a also a winner of the give away from Monika! And I really am so happy with that beautiful pillow I won!
    And I am so glad to have discoverd your blog!


  • Amy said:

    Congratulations on winning the giveaway! I almost bought those the other day. They are really pretty! Enjoy!

    I love your new header and background! Change can be good. I had super short hair for a long time and now it is growing longer (to my shoulder at the moment). Before I wasn't afraid to cut it now I am because it's taking so long. But I like to change the color - dark red right now.

    xo ~Amy

  • I try to be brave every day..I have to push myself sometimes..I try to 'be better'.I also have 'long' hair, but not too brave to get a short, easy hair..Have a great weekend! Love//Eva