{A saturday out…}

My first post of the new year! How are you ladies? Have you celebrated and welcomed the new year? I’ve begun with a nice lunch with friends on saturday and you? What have you done?

Two of my friends Elena and Daniela, that live in Milan, come to visit us. I took them everywhere and even in my fav store “La Cappelleria Trentini” to meet Gloria, the owner and my friend.

We had lunch in a book store… It’s one of the biggest store in town. 3 floorS , a coffee house, a wine bar and a restaurant. We decided for the wine bar ‘cause, after so many lunches and dinner during the holidays, we didn’t want to start again eating and eating! So we order a bottle of wine, ham and cheese and we talked and exchanged christmas gift…

4 girls, 3 cameras, lots of dots scarves, 1 bottle of wine…

New obsession!

I’m taking a break! I’m leaving for London and I’ll be back in one week. I cant wait to be in the city. I’m so excited!!! I’ve a list of places I’d love to visit , museum, restaurants, stores… I’ll take lots of pics and I’ll show you everything as soon as I’m back!

See ya ladies!!! Have a nice week!