{It’s all about details}

Hi ladies! I’m back from my short trip to London…. WOW! How amazing is it? I’ve loved every single minute I spent in the City, even if it was @#é*$”£@ freezing! It was just me and Mr B , a romantic trip to celebrate new year and our next anniversary: it will be 8 years in 2 days!

London… not magic as Paris, maybe, but fascinating, exciting, romantic…. Lots of mistery and history around that city. Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes, the Queens and Diana. Lots of places to visit, lots of miles to walk, lots of shopping to do, lots of food to eat… I’m ready to go back soon with my mom…

I won’t bother you with all my pics (899!) maybe in the next days I’ll post just some of them…
maybe my discoveries or the most particular…

How are you ladies? I feel sorry cause I cannot answer to all of your mail and comments…I’m in Florence at Pitti Men Fashion Show with my brother ( do you remember last year?)
and then in Milan for Withe Men fashion show! Lots of fun and pics and work! I love that show (even if it’s only for men. There’s just one small pavillion dedicated to woman, nice with some interesting brands to keep in consideration for my “maybe future store”) I love to watch people, lots of foreigner from all over the world. I love to catch details and take pictures of them! I love details they distinguish you and make you unique and special!

It could be a dot scarf,

a jewel,

a pair of shoes,

a little bag or a pair of sunglesses

or a touch of color!

Wich is your detail? What do you loove the most? I love scarves, bags and shoes and necklaces, and headbands, and earrings… and many others!

Goodnight! I’m so happy I’m back to my blogHOME!


  • It's good to have you back writing. I always tend to go for accessories over anything. You can change a whole outfit with the right accessories. I would love to see your photos from London & places that you got to see!

  • Kris said:

    welcome back! I love scarves and earrings. Those two would be my details!

  • 8 years??? Wow, congrats! We've missed you around here! Can't wait to hear all about Milan!

  • Amy said:

    Welcome back! I can't wait to see pictures of London and Milan. Congratulations on 8 years with Mr. B!! xo

  • I love bags and shoes, but also so many other things...necklaces, headbands, scarves,....

  • welcome "home" ;o)
    London is on my wishlist...must be great there! And I love (!!!) these boots!

  • Hey!! Welcome back ^^ it's nice to hear from you! Loved your detail photos, and i'm looking forward to see some London photos, although it must be hard to select some!Kiss

  • Love that shot of the boots. I am totally in agreement with you - details are so important! Love them all!

  • Welcome back and Happy Anniversary!!! Looking forward to all your beautiful pictures!

  • Susan said:

    glad you are back- missed you! :))
    have a sweet day, darling.