Happy Monday ladies!

What a better way to start a new week with a celebration? It’s my Blog-Anniversary! My first year in the blogland and I’m so happy !

Once upon a time…. It was monday …

(1st post)

After more or less 360 posts , today I celebrate my BlogBirthday!!!

I’ve won some awards, received lots of comments, visited and found lot of friends and I’m sure ther’s more that still has to happen!

I’ve started this adventure with no expectation at all and now It became my daily appointment and I don’t feel good if I don’t post or visit you!

To celebrate my anniversary I’ve found a fantastic web site to share with you!

It ‘s “little venice cake company” . During my holiday in London I’ve discovered this stunning cakes. They are a mono portion fruit cakes handcrafted with ultimate attention to detail, creating chocolate sculptures and exquisitely iced cakes of breathtaking beauty.!

I think they are adorable and It’s a perfect gift for your friends, and so I did it!

The first time I’ve seen them at the food hall at Harrod’s… Too expensive… Then at Harvey Nichols a bit less expensive and I bought the first one…

Then I found more little cake at Liberty

I’d love to make some of them ! Aren’t they lovely?

Thanks girls for your presence during this all entire year! I hope you’ll be there for the next one too!

Love you