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I’d love to write in French but believe me … Italian and English are enough for me! Not that I can’t write or speak French but I would need so much more  timeeee….
This week I’ll show you my summer, my days in France
La Cote d’Azur c’est fantastique

I love everything about it, the weather, the sun, the sea, the palaces, the markets, the people, the croissants.
I love the “allure” of the French woman. I love that “je ne sais quoi
that from young age french women show in every single details and moment of the day.
I love the colors, the light, the breeze and  the flavours
We stayed at “la petite maison” and we spent the days at the beach and travelling on the coast by train.
We enjoyed the “joye de vivre” and ” la belle vie
They really know how to enjoy life.

(photo by me – do not use them without permission)

this is just the beginning!
Will you follow me on my french trip?