{ L O V E }

I’m in a romantic period
maybe it’s because I’ve just celebrated my 10th anniversary with Mr B
maybe it’s just for the moon and the stars
maybe it’s just because I’m in love
maybe it’s just because it’s cold outside and I need a bit of warm inside
maybe it’s because I love the idea of LOVE
maybe because I Love
maybe because it’s love

I love that video and I needed to share it with you

I’m in love with Andrew+Carissa
It’s my last discovery
I’ve read all the posts during Christmas Holidays
and I’m really obsessed with their history
their style
their photos
their friends

It’s one of a kind 
Totally different from all the blogs outside
and from me…
no frills but semplicity
a bit naive
but with character…

You will love it!

Lesson n.4: LOVE

how it’s cold….
Winter it’s finally arrived!!!