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“… a new blossom,
a new life…”

Tomorrow is the 1st of March. That means that in 3 weeks will be Spring and I can’t wait for it anymore. My body and my soul need sunny days, blue sky and warm weather…

It has been a very long and freezing winter. This year we had lot and lot of snow, not counting the rainy days. It still seems it didn’t ended yet…Yesterday we had a preview of spring but today it was bad again…

March will be a very busy month. I have to organize the move to my new apartment. I have to find all the things I need to decorate it, I have to paint and fix all the old furnitures found in years here and there . Today I’ve found this little desk that someone had left at the dustbin and I took it at home with me…

I’ve already decided the colors for my furniture:

A new knob, a new color and it will be perfect for my entrance!

Have a great week ladies! happy 1st of march to you all!

  • Elena said:

    tu lo sai quanto i tuoi art attack mi lascino sempre senza parole:)

  • I love your desk and color scheme! Can't wait to see the finished apartment!

  • Great colour schemes!!!
    Hope the weather warms for you soon - we can't wait for it to get cooler here downunder! We have been sweltering and sweating for months!!
    Cheers, Karen

  • What a charming color pallette, stunning!

    I am excited for Spring too!

  • Gaia said:

    ciao Gaia,
    che bello il tuo blog! devo sistemare la mansarda e vedro' di trarre ispirazione anche da qui!

    ps. alla tua mamma, gliel'hai detto, vero, che per capire chi è la Gaia da Sigrid, basta che clicchi sopra il nome?!?!?

  • I know exactly how you feel about Spring, I'm literally head over heels waiting for the promise of warm weather to come! Perfect timing in discovering your blog too...just as the premiere of Alice in Wonderland is around the corner...can't wait to see it in 3D, its the only proper way to watch this film!

    Much love!

  • sioux said:

    oooh che belle foto! ecco ero un po giù e mi hai tirato su di morale...grazie! il mobiletto che hai trovato nella spazzatura è FAVOLOSO!!! ottimo da mobile per ingresso...brava!

  • Susan said:

    wow, how can someone throw away a beautiful piece of furniture? but it's good for you, girl, so I don't mind :))
    I can't wait to see the results.