I bought my Lilac in Nice on Tueasday and I took them at home with me. A big bunch of pretty pink lilac.

I love to have fresh seasonal flower all over the house and now it’s the turn of lilac. I put them in my jars and even in old style coca cola’s bottles.

The color of those cute flowers is perfect with the bright color palette that I’ve used to decor my house.

The weather sucks and today I’ve bought some other white lilac to bring spring at home. Even the rain is good from my new home!!! When you are happy you see everything in pink and it’s like “everything will be fine”

I’m so happy, girls. It has been a very intensive week. Those first days of new life have been just perfect even if I still have so many things to do and even if the house still needs a lot of things.

I need lamps, some more pillows, and many other little things but I have all the time in the world to take care of them!

To celebrate us, this evening we had those sweet little heart for dessert! vanilla Ice cream with strawberry cream!
Aren’t they just cute?

(*photos by me*)

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