{First weekend}

For my first weekend at home I’ve decided to try the new oven and I’ve made pain brioche for the breakfast! I love the brown crust and the fluffy crumb. It’s not good if you are on a diet, but one day per week you can make an exception to the rule!

Since I come back from France, everything reminds me to that fantastic country.

Pan Brioche it’s easy to make and extremely Yummy! It’s perfect for the Sunday brunch with jam or cheese, and it’s good for sweet and sour taste!

My first weekend has been very “exciting” and relaxed! We did some shopping for the home, filled the fridge and went out for a pizza with some friends. This morning we woke up and we took a walk in the neighborhood. Had a coffe at the near Caffè, bought newspaper and my fav magazines, took some photos and then relax on the sofa!

By the way… Pan Brioche it’s finished…Need a new idea for my weekly bake!

And you? What have you done?

Have a good week!