{Girl’s Dinner }

Hello my friend, 
It’s friday afternoon… Thanks God it’s friday and in few hours I’ll join my family in Tuscany and tomorrow I’ll be at the beach….What I really need!

Yesterday evening I’ve invited Federica and two other friends for dinner. Mr B. wasn’t at home and I wanted to spend few hours with my friend enjoying good food and nice talks. 
You’ve already seen/read Federica’s History about the evening (I LOVE IT!) 
Thank you Fede, you’ve done a really nice job!

 (my personal photographer!)

 The preparation take me always a lot of time but at the end I’m happy with the result!

I love to have dinner at home with friends and I love to pay attention to all the details. I want my “guest” to be happy and comfortable chez moi…

In few hours I’ve organized everything…

Flowers, candles, food, cocktail and a fresh dessert. Everything was perfectly set up when they arrived!

Flowers in old bottles and candles in little paper bag…

Flowers: pink and white freesia

Cocktail:  Bellini Cocktail, with peach nectar and lemon juice and iced wine

Gnocchi with pesto and tomato
Mozzarella and tomato
Chicken Salad

Dessert: Coulis of Mango with coconut ice cream erved in preserve’s jars.

Micaela loved it!

And this is Chicca…

I’m off for the entire weekend….

Have a great weekend darling, see you on monday!



send me your post within next week!

Love yoU!