{Guest Post: Monika}

What can I say today about my guest?
I’m so pleased to introduce you ( for the few that doesn’t know her) to Monika’s World.

I remember I won my first giveaway with her… some beautiful Christmas Ornaments!

She’s a Swedish designer living in US, and as she say ” … being a native of Sweden, I always bring a sense of Swedish to everything I do. I can’t help it, it is part of my DNA.”
That’s why I love her!
Hello all! Monika from Splendid Willow here. I am delighted to be invited to contribute with a guest post on Gaia’s lovely blog. I met Gaia  very early in my blog days and we have always had fun together. I am a loyal fan of both her and her blog.
There are so many fun things going on in the world of design. As a happy Swede living in the US I find myself  hopping between those countries the most.
Here are a few things I Am Going Nuts for right now.
I have never been all that keen on bar trays and trolleys in my home. But this corner I love. A large wicker basket gets to work as a bartender next to a favorite leather reading chair. I also love the totally unexpected photograph on the wall.
When I saw that my dear friend Sarah over at Haute Design listed this Michael Kors bag as one of her must haves, I gasped. That is the bag I HAVE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER FOR! Love the cognac color and all the details. And it does not cost a million bucks.
I find this  large scale coffee table with simple lines by Ralph Lauren Home so incredibly handsome.
I love these Toplight candleholders that give new life to bottles. Designed by Lena Bergström for Design House Stockholm. Imagine these holders in dark blue glass water bottles.
I never seem to be able to get a few white ledges to move in with me! I went to Ikea this weekend but they were sold out of the long white ones. “When they come home”, I will use them to display both books and artwork.
So far, I have never incorporated a flag as part of my interiors at home. But this display totally caught my attention and made me want something similar. A simple black and white chess patterned signal flag representing the letter N and communicating “No”. Perhaps in my case — no to stress!  Admit that you will go straight to Ebay now!
Thank you for having me here today! Hugs to all your readers and an extra warm hug to you Gaia!
Thank you Monika! You just made my day!
Go visit her blog… you’ll love it as I do!
 good Luck with your new adventure that I hope you’ll biring you in Italy too!

  • Greet said:

    Hello Gaia, hello Monika,
    I just love all the things you posted here! That bag is gorgeous!! Not seen here in Belgium yet! Love that coffee table a lot and the candleholders , i would love to have hundreds of them!
    Gaia, I am pleased to have found your blog and I am going to browse into it!
    Mon and Gaia, a big hug to your both!!

  • Lynda said:

    you won me after the bag...THE BAG...O MY GOD that bag!!!!!!.....*sigh*....now I don't like my bag anymore.....thank you ;)))))

  • non conoscevo il blog di Monika!grazie per la piacevolissima scoperta!

  • Da non ricordo quanto seguo Monika ed il suo blog è sempre pieno di post fantastici!

  • Great guest post! LOVE the BAG! Have you tried Tulalip outlets in Seattle? Nice to meet you Gaia.

  • Thanks Gaia. Isn't Monika just great? I love the little gadget things for turning wine bottles into candle holders.

  • Zaira said:

    Complimenti per l'articolo su Belle Inspiration! Che bello leggerti e che ricettina!!!

    Bacioni xx

  • Yes, I DO
    love Monika,
    already and so
    much fun to
    follow her
    over to your
    lovely blog,
    Gaia! I really
    enjoyed seeing
    that reading
    nook, especially.
    Great inspirations,

    xx Suzanne

  • Grazie per questa wonderful guest post cara Monika!! :)
    And hello Gaia - I am new here, but any friend of Monika's is my friend also. This woman has exquisite taste! x

    I love this list Mon! I agree about the bag and I must go to Sarah's and check out the price tag.

    Those bottle candle holders are mine. I love the look and can see a large cluster of bottles as a fun dinner certre piece. Great lead.

    That table over at RL is a 'brick layers talbe' and they are fantastic. Especially when vintage and a little beaten up!!

    IKEA.. need I declare my love..!?? Those shelves are a real staple and I believe they reside in cottages as well as castles!

    Thanks for a lovely post, and Gaia your blog looks great. I am off to explore more now.

    Ciao for now.


  • Such a beautiful post! I adore Monika and her blog. She truly is the most kind person and has such style on all levels!

    ... so happy to find a new blog to enjoy as well :)