{Summer Guest Post: Therese }

Hi Everybody I’m Terri from La Delfina blog!
I’m so honored to be asked by Gaia to do a guest post for her while she’s off on summer holiday!  I thought since I just returned from my own vacation last week that I would share some of my summer memories with you.
Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  It is located along the border between California and Nevada.  It is actually the largest alpine lake in North America. 
It’s depth is 1,645 feet  (501 meters) making it America’s second-deepest lake after Crater Lake in Oregon.
My family and I have been coming to Lake Tahoe since I was a child.  It’s equally beautiful in the winter where it becomes a virtual winter wonderland with 16 different ski resorts to choose from!  We like to stay on the North Shore in a resort called Northstar.  We try and spend at least one week there in the summer and one in the winter. 
It’s about a 4 hour drive from our house. The first stop on our way up is always at IKEDA’S where we can’t wait to sink our teeth into their famous, “Tasty Buger”.
We usually pick up some of their signature salsa’s and dips, farm stand produce and always one of their world famous homemade pies!
Once we arrive it’s off to the beach!
One of our favorites is Sand Harbor on the Nevada side.
The first couple of days there were afternoon thunder storms. 
Our wonderful friends brought up their boat, so we waited it out
and when it was over we went for a ride.
Back on shore, our son (on the left) and his buddies decided it was time to do some rock jumping, so…
after assessing the risks…
 Greg, who turned 18 that day, was the first one to take the plunge!
One by one, in they went…

and out they climbed.

A wonderful day full of memories!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a taste of what Lake Tahoe has to offer.  I want to thank the lovely Gaia for having me step in for her and hope she is making lots of wonderful summer memories of her own and that she will share them with us when she gets back!

Happy Summer Everyone!!

Come to visit me!

  • Beautiful holliday pictures !! nice doing this for Gaia..............i visit your blog wonderful !!! and am your new follower now......happy sunday............love Ria......

  • Susan said:

    wow, wonderful! thanks for sharing your memories with us :)

  • It looks as if there was a fun time goin going on in Tahoe, isn't the water icy cold?? Only for the young and the brave!!! Beautiful picts, Terri. I have never been to this blog so I am going to go take a peruse!! Hugs Kathysue

  • Terri this was such a fun and interesting guest post on Lake Tahoe. I've never been before and truly would love to visit one day (perhaps we could venture up when we come to stay?!) The scenery looks stunning and I love swimming so I would be right at home with all the water! Glad you guys had a blast xoxo

  • Hi Terri! How wonderful to see Lake Tahoe through your eyes. It looks sooo pristine! i never made it out there when we lived in San Fran - the time went so quickly. One day though!!! I also love seeing your son and his friends.....it gives me a glimpse of where I'll be before I know it!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  • Lumo said:

    I have been to Tahoe sixteen years ago and this post reminds me of the fun weekend I had there with my summer homestay hostess Kathy. Thanks for sharing, Terry.

  • this is amazing. i have NEVER been to Tahoe, but my best friend from N. California, this is where she grew up vacationing and she always returns, and i never really understood why UNTIL i saw your photo's. Did you take ALL these yourself? They look like published art book photos. And what a wonderful looking group of young men. it's hard to believe that my sons will be that age not to far in the future. These photos are just pure happiness. I think now that Tahoe needs to be on my short list of places to go. when I do, i need your input!