{Nice Shoes!!!}

Espadrillas or Sneakers? I remember I had it when I was little…My parents bought the first pair of espadrillas, for me and my brothers in france, and my father too, he wore it always during the summer. I think they are very “french” and elegant…Not very confortable but so nice!
Those new models are just amazing, made it by the Trompe d’oeil technique they look like a pair of sneakers…
What do you think? Maybe you won’t like it but you have to admit that this is just a great idea…

  • Ma che strane queste scarpe! Saranno comode poi?...ma dove le scopri certe cose??!

  • Gaia said:

    Sono espadrillas...comode poco ma carine molto, queste poi mi piacicono tanto!