{Fashion Show}

(the stylist/my brother is the one with the turquoise jacket, and my youngest brother made this composit)

Last week, I’ve been to Florence for 4 days ‘cause there was “Pitti” one of the biggest international men’s fashion collections, that it’s held in Florence for two editions a year, january and june.
Buyer from all over the world arrive in Florence to see the new tendences, the new collections for the 2010 Spring/Summer Season and all the biggest exhibitors (almost 900 brands) are there to show their novelties!

My brother Simone was there as exhibitor to present his new men’s collection “Laroom“and we (mom, his girlfriend, me and my youngest brother a real “family affair”) were there to help him.
It’s his second experienece at Pitti. In January (Fede made a post about it) he made his debut in the space dedicate at the new exhibitors, the beginner and he did very well. Also in that occasione we were there.

I can defenitely say that people appreciated his products. He made men’s jacket, pants, short pants, sneakers, and bags. He use the fleece and amazing fabrics for the interiors of the jacket. The shape is classic and elegant but very fresh and modern: that’s the product that both men and young would wear!
What do you think?

Aren’t amazing the sneakers?

The show was very successfull for us , as a second collection!!! We had a lot of contact and we start to distribute the brand!!! I’m very happy for him, he really deserve it!
We are thinking to do woman’s collection too!!! I’m so ecited! So many things happened!

I have many others pics about the show, hope you’ll be patiente till I’ll be back.
I’m leaving for 2 days, I’m going to Rome. I’m sorry I won’t to be able to come to visit you and comment on your magic and inspirational post, but I promis you that I’ll check everything!

Thanks !!!

  • Iva said:

    WOW! this is so exciting! Your brother is so talented! You must be so proud of him :) I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. I hope you have a great, safe trip and I look forward to hearing about it!!


  • Gaia said:

    yes, he's so talented, beautiful funny...I've the most amazing brothers ever. The youngest, Jonathan, is a fantastic photographer: we are a family of artist.
    We argue, we fight but we love each other so much.
    Do you have brothers or sister?

  • Iva said:

    Me? ohh I'm an only child, I wish I had siblings! :)

  • Complimenti! Amazing.... Pitti is a very prestigious event and to be taking part to it must be very exciting! I think your brother is very talented and deserve a lot of success. I love the finishing, the details of the jackets' lining, the shoes... everything.
    Have a nice trip, lucky you I am stuck here...for the time being!!
    ciao a presto!

  • wow everything looks amazing! so talented!

    please take me with you next time you go to florence! i miss it so much!

  • That is so awesome! What a talented family you all are. And I really dig those surfboards, che bella! They are a right fit for my California heart. Well done!

  • after seeing this, i think a women's collection is a MUST! love the pin-up detailing...especially on the shoes!

  • How fabulous! Look forward to seeing the rest of the photo's. Ax

  • Gaia said:

    What can I say!
    Thank you it's not enough!
    I'm so proud to have such amazing and nice friends that follow me!
    I'm back from rome, I found so many comments to my blog that it took me all evening to thank you all and come to visit your blog. i hope I didn't forgot anyone!
    See you tomorrow !

  • Meg said:

    How cool is this!!! Such fun colors!

  • LAROOM is so special -I do adore the shoes! Good Luck to your brother!! Yes, the beach and the archipelago is calling for me this weekend -and we're supposed to have great weather too -I'll relax. Have the best weekend! Love//