{For you}

Let me tell you something…


I just come back home from a nice dinner at the sushi restaurant with my sweet beautiful amazing friend Fede. We talk everyday and all day long but we don’t have so many occasions to go out toghether so we had so many things to talk about that we didn’t even realized that it was time to go home, tomorrow it’s a working day!

You are the best because:
– you are always there. Almost everyday, I have a lot of comments to my post on my mail box.
When I feel blue I read what you write and I feel immediately better. You are my “linus blanket” ( I don’t know if you have the same way to say!)
– your comments are nice, ilarious, funny sweet and this is why I never get tired to write you back
– I’m honored to have you as friends
– I know for sure that if we lived in the same city we could be real friend
– I love your blogs … You are so inspiring!
– You get me the strenght to go on!

That’s why YOU ARE THE BEST!