{Birthday …}

Hi Ladies…

today it’s my Birthday… Actually it was…15 minute left and it will be the 29th of october…
I’m 35… I feel younger than my real age… I’m so happy today I’ve received so many calls, messages, mails, from all my dear friends, all my relatives and also from some of you that follow me on Facebook. I’ve received unexpected gifts, beautiful roses, and lots and lots of love!

I hade dinner with my family and my Mr B. and I baked my Birthday’s Cake.

It’s a sponge cake filled with cream cheese and chocolate chips covered with a pink icing and chocolate icing too decorated with strawberry, raspberry. very good very good!!!

Now I go to bed… so tired! I’ll celebrate till Sunday! so many friends and cakes!

Don’t miss my next posts… Etsy favourite store and more pics!

Love you ladies…